David Harvey, DC MChiro


David has over 5 years of clinical experience and combines his expertise in multiple techniques and healing modalities with traditional chiropractic. His experience in high-level sports and training allows him to create a personalised experience with a predictable and reliable, positive outcome.




Less than 1% of Chiropractors in the UK are from black backgrounds

- General Chiropractic Council; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Report, 2017

David Harvey was raised in west London as the third of five children to Trinidadian parents. Growing up, David enjoyed competing in Track & Field at National level, particularly within the Long Jump event. However, his progress was inhibited by a persistent, non-traumatic back injury, which nobody could seem to find a solution for.

After seeking help from a friend and training partner, who was also a chiropractor, he finally found a solution. This peaked his interest, and he began to question how this result was achieved when so many had tried before and failed. He decided to study chiropractic for himself, so that he could provide others with a similar outcome.

At the age of 22, David graduated from the University of South Wales with a masters degree in Chiropractic (MChiro) and continued his learning post-grad, acquiring techniques in Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC), and Applied Kinesiology (AK).

After discovering that only 0.6% of Chiropractors in the UK are from black backgrounds and only 16% are aged under 30 years old, David has made it his mission to empower others and inspire future generations through representation.

Today, David is in the process of becoming an ABC instructor. He is also training for his first Powerlifting competition. His aim is to prove that it is possible to lift heavy weights without causing long term damage to the body. He plans to use the knowledge gained from training in a different way to what he is accustomed to, to enhance the service he is able to provide, especially to elite sportspeople.

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