Changing the way we think about our bodies and our health

HEALTH SHAK is an award-winning health care start-up and lifestyle brand. We are driven by a social mission to change the way that people think about their bodies and their health. By providing alternative healthcare services, sustainable products and accessible education, we aim to empower lifestyles, shifting attitudes from curing disease to the prevention of it.


We Teach

You can transform the quality of your life and unlock opportunities with the hunger to learn and grow. We believe that education is a lifetime commitment, positioning it at the forefront of our values. We are dedicated to driving innovation by contributing the knowledge and skills we acquire to the growing health and wellbeing industry.

We Empower

When we inspire each other, we empower each other, allowing more room to evolve and grow. Instead of tearing each other down, we strive to build each other up. We help you to apply the tools and strategies to follow through on what you learn until it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

We Get Results

We are committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest information in healthcare to produce outstanding results. Our personalised approach recognises that everybody is different and we are dedicated to going above and beyond expectations. We deliver exceptional customer service, never giving up until the goal is achieved. 

We Are Family

We are social animals, who survive and thrive best when we support each other. We are invested in giving back to our community, and we promise to perform transparently, making an active contribution towards positive social change.

We Represent

There is only one race of people on this planet; the human race. We represent the culture of our generation, celebrating diversity and inclusion. We ensure that we encourage perspectives and expertise of people who have different backgrounds and experiences than our own.


Be in control of your health, along with the experts

HEALTH SHAK was founded in 2020 by couplepreneurs, David Harvey and Tania Vicera Estavillo. When David helped Tania through her own health crises, they realised that more needed to be done to help educate others about their own unique bodies. Health is so individual that nobody ever talks about it!

David and Tania believe it's important to be in control of your health, along with the experts, so they developed a combination of tools and strategies to help you get there.

In March 2020, they pitched their concept, winning an award from NatWest in a competition called "Back Her Business - Bring It 2020". During this time, the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, making their mission and vision more important than ever.

We are in unprecedented times and our health is our greatest asset. We must do everything we can to preserve it. HEALTH SHAK was created with you in mind so that you can feel confident, without having to go through your health journey alone.

Start your journey

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